Business Continuity Project
The purpose of Business Continuity is to establish a clearly defined emergency response procedure for each business unit in your company. Unlike Disaster Recovery plans which mainly focus on IT systems, the BCP is focused on the recovery and operation of the individual business unit.

Benefits will include:
• The benefits of the BCP are minimizing potential loss by identifying, prioritizing and safeguarding those assets that the need the most protection. The plan will save valuable time and money in the event of a disaster.

• An established plan having a clearly-defined course of action will return your systems to production quickly. Without a plan, the lost motion, mistakes, guesswork, and other fumbling will make the recovery plan several times longer and often impossible.

• BCP will define remote locations where backup files, software, documentation, etc are stored. In addition, the plan will identify outside support that will be utilized if needed and specify the steps necessary to relocate to an alternative site if required. The identification of responsibilities is a very important aspect of the plan. Policy decisions which are made prior to a disaster will minimize confusion during the period following the disaster. The plan will encompass the variety of procedures ranging to the repair and replacement of the data processing equipment configuration.

• BCP establishes the personnel responsible for recovery and assures adequacy and proficiency of personnel and plans through regular training, testing and maintenance